Mentoring Stories

Mentoring Stories

We have successfully mentored multiple graduate, undergraduate, and high school students in data science and machine learning. We also mentor professionals including data scientists in advanced machine learning concepts. Our average rating is 4.9/5 with over 70+ ratings and 100+ hours of data science and machine learning mentoring.

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Project Mentoring

Niveditha was one of the early members of Chaos Control. Showing considerable dedication and hard work, her project on "Automated detection of traffic congestion in videos by image entropy analysis for city monitoring systems" was awarded the Silver medal at the Indian Science and Engineering Fair (INSEF) in 2018 and qualified for the Initiative for Research and Innovation in STEM (IRIS) National Fair held in New Delhi. Currently, Niveditha is an undergraduate student at Stanford, where we are sure she will go on to achieve even greater heights!

Pranav is another dedicated high school student that has worked with us on “Developing low-cost quantitative methods to extract and analyze DNA from fruits.” Pranav was rewarded by winning multiple high school science fairs where he presented his research. Pranav is currently accepted to multiple undergraduate schools of his choice. Congrats Pranav!